About Me

Who am I as a creative being?

I’m a free spirited creative daydreamer who loves exploring various mediums and techniques of all artistic philosophies and incorporating them into my work as a basis for learning and inner growth.

​I believe we should not be limited by products and techniques, for it is within the lack of availability that we learn to think creatively.

I believe art has the ability to heal the wounds of the soul, whether we are aware of the scars or not and only through practicing art as a mirror can we begin to center the body, focus the mind and open the heart to create the life we dream about.

If you could sum up your current creative process in one sentence what would it be?

No product, textile or object is outcast from becoming or portraying something entirely different to its original intent – finding new ways to explore with what I find available nourishes my creative playfulness.

How is your creative process presently supporting you grow, change and transform?

To me, collage speaks from the inner chambers of a soul. It defies logic and brings forth a sense of wonder and playfulness within the discovery and interpretation of all the random images selected and portrayed in the work – no image is separate from the whole but part of the intricate weaving of one’s message.

With every collage I make, the final representation of my focus is almost never what my intention was when I started cutting and selecting images. I am continually surprised at how symbols and imagery can impact how we think and feel and discover desires and dreams we never even knew was there.

What are the main themes you are exploring in your creative process at the moment?

As poaching has become a major concern in my country, especially Rhino and elephant poaching, my work incorporates both a human and animal element which I hope will spread the message of a peaceful co-existence and tolerance.

What are you currently discovering inside of your creative process that might serve as an inspiration for other people’s creativity?

I explore many styles of creating and combine things in a way that works for me and looks good to me. I believe that the creative process should be exploring and free – not labelled, put in a box or deemed a failure if you think your work/techniques are not what they are “supposed” to be by judging and comparing them to other creators. I find that the more my work vary, the more I allow my intuition to guide me, the more I allow myself to push boundaries and break free from my own judgment in regards to my art. My Advice: Do not compare and do not over-think it…trust your own voice and let it sing.