Mixed Media Angels

I just LOVE making Angels! My process are almost always the same and I find comfort in that.

The steps include but is not limited to:

* Basic substrate such as a cereal box * Collage Background using various papers * Light layer of paint * some more collage using transparent paper such as tissue paper/paper napkin * a magazine cutout of a figure * repaint of the figure * wings * a headpiece * and animal/flower or both * mark making using some random objects * a few words that resonates with me once she is finished.

Intuitive Collage

What do you hear when you listen to your soul?…

Do you hear a calling to be anything other than what you are right now, be anywhere else than where you are right now or do anything other than you’re doing right now?

Do you quiet the silent whisper of your creative heart calling you into action or do you silence the nagging inner child pulling you towards discovery and awe?

Finding your voice in a room full of screaming souls would lead you to give up trying to tell your story.

Can you hear that voice, your voice, calling out from that silence within you? Can you hear you?


Kaleidoscope Mandalas

This is a very meditative practice… one that can keep you up into the wee hours of the morning, one that makes you think about the deeper questions while focusing on the simplicity of a shape to create a pattern.

To learn more about this technique, please check out the Instructional Video here.

Story Cards

I love telling stories. Stories that is my own but could also be anyone’s. Stories that evoke healing, confirmation and strength.

Just like our stories are made from the scraps woven together of everyday life, so are these story cards – scrap paper and bound with a single collaged element.