What do you hear when you listen to your soul?…

Do you hear a calling to be anything other than what you are right now, be anywhere else than where you are right now or do anything other than you’re doing right now?

Do you quiet the silent whisper of your creative heart calling you into action or do you silence the nagging inner child pulling you towards discovery and awe?

Our lives are bombarded with sounds and those notes not serving an emotional connection to our world become unbearable noise. How can we hear the beautiful melody that is our life’s calling when the noise we choose to listen to dominate our airwaves daily?

Finding your voice in a room full of screaming souls would lead you to give up trying to tell your story.

Walking out the door seems easy enough, only if this did not lead you into another room full of screaming souls.

A need for silence vibrates from within.

Close your eyes. Place your hand on your heart. Can you feel it beating? Can you hear the blood rushing through your being? Can you taste the breath that brings you life as you breathe deeply into your soul?

Can you hear that voice, your voice, calling out from that silence within you?

Can you hear you?